Arts, Crafts & Me

I started blogging to share poems which I write and post elsewhere.I am called a poet because what I write are poems. I am not an artist or painter because I do not  share what I might draw or paint .

But if you ask me what I think of myself, I think I am an artist who did not become an artist for some reasons. I am also a singer who did not become a singer for some reasons and also a musician who did not become a musician due to some reasons.I could be  a story writer, novelist or a famous photographer. I believe this is true. This is equally true that I never thought I would be a poet but I am.

Circumstances are now favorable that I try to explore the artist in me.Time and technology has changed so much that using only a computer now I can express my thoughts in different digital medias.Initially it was my need to create attractive headers for my blogs and also to share my poems as images.So I got involved in crafting . But now I am feeling I can use my acquired computer skills in much creative way to express my thoughts independently and so I have created this blog.It will be a great adventure of mind exploring with you all.Hope you like my creations as much as you loved my poems.


Palas Kumar Ray



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